Dr. Bill Crawford

Leading psychologist and author of “Freeing the Artistic Mind”; artist.billcphd.com

Dr. Bill Crawford headshotIn addition to holding a doctorate in Counseling Psychology from the University of Houston, Dr. Crawford is a psychologist and author of seven books, including his most recent, “Freeing the Artistic Mind.” Dr. Crawford has received rave reviews from the students and faculty at some of the most prestigious universities in the nation and is committed to giving young artists everywhere the information they need to bring their best to life.

TXMTW is delighted to add Dr. Crawford and his “Freeing the Artistic Mind” sessions to our guest artist lineup this year. Going way beyond “stress management,” this material uncovers, for artistic students in particular, the science of becoming more influential in all aspects of their life and dealing with anxiety, auditions, difficult people, coursework, relationships, self-worth, time management, and “the future” with more clarity, confidence, and creativity.

TXMTW is purchasing a copy of “Freeing the Artistic Mind” for all 2016 participants to take home after camp; it is THAT GOOD!!